While this page states our current Media Shifting Policy, the certification program that this page refers to is closed to new applicants. Karaoke operators who wish to gain permission for media-shifting, who are not already certified, must instead enter our HELP℠ Licensing Program.
Before you shift, consider this.
You'll always get the best overall quality by using the original Sound Choice® karaoke recordings from their original media. The simple fact is that tracks on CD+G discs have 340% more audio data than even the best quality MP3+G tracks. That means 340% more detail and 340% more fidelity.

But using original discs has its drawbacks. Discs can get scratched or broken, especially when handled in a production environment. It can be cumbersome to run a smooth show while loading discs into a player. If you have a lot of discs, those discs and the cases you carry them in are heavy. And discs have been known to walk off when you aren't looking. In all, it's a lot easier to use a laptop to run a karaoke show.

We'd rather you didn't media-shift your Sound Choice®-branded tracks. But if you're going to, we've set up some rules that will help protect the quality that's the hallmark of the Sound Choice brand.

Format and Media Shifting Policy
If you meet and maintain all policy requirements, you can obtain permission from us to use media-shifted and/or format-shifted Sound Choice®-branded karaoke tracks for commercial purposes.

An original medium is an original "red logo" CD+G or other original product that was physically released by Sound Choice. A "red logo" CD+G can be identified by the use in the track itself of the Sound Choice logo with white writing and a red musical staff.

A non-original medium is any data storage device not originally manufactured and distributed by Sound Choice. Examples include hard drives (internal or external), USB drives, dedicated karaoke computers (manufacturers include CAVS and RSQ, among others), SD cards, or even compact discs or DVDs.

Media-shifting means putting Sound Choice®-branded karaoke tracks on a non-original medium (even if you copy them from a non-original medium).

Format-shifting means changing the format of the track from CD+G to another format, such as MP3+G. Format-shifting always requires media-shifting, but media-shifting might not require format-shifting.

Policy requirements:
  • You must notify us of your intention to media-shift and/or format-shift the content of any Sound Choice-branded CD+G prior to the initiation of any investigation by us of your potential media-shifting activities.
  • You must maintain ownership and possession of the original media whose content you have shifted during the entire time the content is stored on the non-original media.
  • While the content has been shifted, you may not use the original media for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.
  • If you want to shift the content of any of the original media to more than one non-original medium, you must acquire one or more sets of additional original media, so that you maintain a 1-to-1 correspondence relationship between each original medium and each non-original medium.
  • You must request an audit of your original media, non-original media, and other related documents such as song lists and receipts. The audit allows us to make sure the Sound Choice trademarks are being protected. There may be a fee for the audit.

If you use media-shifted or format-shifted Sound Choice®-branded tracks for any commercial purpose without meeting all of the policy requirements, we may sue you for trademark infringement.

You should also remember that our permission may not be enough to legalize your media-shifting activities. Music publishers and others may hold rights that require you to obtain their permission for media-shifting or playing media-shifted tracks commercially. We're not responsible for your compliance with those rights.

Still have questions? There's a FAQ.

Interested in an alternative solution for using media-shifted tracks, with fewer Sound Choice compliance requirements? Check out our new HELP℠ Licensing Program.