Sound Choice®
Begun in 1985, Sound Choice® is America's oldest karaoke brand. For more than 3 decades, Sound Choice has been the number-one go-to choice for karaoke fans and professionals. The reason is simple: our relentless dedication to quality.

Every week, amateur performers across the United States gather to sing in more than 40,000 venues—dive bars and fern bars, hotel lounges and family restaurants, from the glitziest clubs to the most down-home places you can imagine. And in all of those places, for all of those performances, when the intro begins, and the title card flashes on the monitor, more than half the time, it says "Sound Choice."

Sound Choice®
To use Sound Choice® tracks professionally, you need* a license.
* – There's one exception: If you spin authentic original discs, you don't need a license from us.

Almost every professional karaoke operator wants to benefit from our famous Sound Choice quality. And we want you to use it, too. But you should also be aware that using the Sound Choice brand means more than just picking a karaoke track from a list. You're putting our mark on your tracks and your services. And one of the ways we make money is through licensing fees for our marks and content. That money goes to pay our employees and to fight piracy and, when we're able, to make new music for you and your patrons to enjoy.

We're willing to bet you don't enjoy working for free. OK, so sometimes you might play a free gig for charity or as a tryout. But if you're a professional, you're in this to make money.

The thing is, when you use the Sound Choice brand without a license, it's like we're working for free. That doesn't work for us.

But there's good news.

We've got a license to fit your business and budget.
No matter your situation, we can help you get licensed to use Sound Choice® tracks in connection with your business.
Mobile Karaoke Operators
If you're a karaoke professional who gets hired to put on karaoke shows using music you bring to the venue, then we consider you a "karaoke operator," also known as a "karaoke jockey" or "KJ."

Our operator licenses:
  • Allow you to use Sound Choice® karaoke tracks and our trademarks in connection with your business
  • Allow you to copy your tracks to a computer hard drive to make it easier to run your shows (restrictions apply)
  • Get you listed in our public Licensee Directory—a great marketing tool
  • Cover you—and every venue where you play, while you're playing there, which means peace of mind for your venues

So, which license is right for you?

If you don't currently have Sound Choice® tracks, you can get more than 6,000 of the best tracks we ever released when you license the Sound Choice GEM Series. The GEM Series has the highest upfront cost, but financing is available for qualified applicants.

If you have Sound Choice tracks that you "found"—cough, cough—and you want to keep using them, you can do so through our no-questions-asked Hassle-free Easy Licensing Program ("HELP"). See the link for details on how HELP works.

Karaoke Venues
If you own or manage a location where karaoke is provided as entertainment for patrons—most commonly, bars, restaurants, clubs, and event halls—then we consider you a "karaoke venue."

Our venue licenses:
  • Allow you to use our trademarks in connection with your business
  • In most cases, cover you and any operator you hire to put on karaoke shows
  • Allow you to copy your tracks to a computer hard drive (restrictions apply)
  • Get you listed in our public Licensee Directory—a great marketing tool

If you hire karaoke operators to bring in music and want to be covered for the Sound Choice® tracks they play, your best bet is our Hassle-free Easy Licensing Program ("HELP").

If you supply the music:
  • If you need a fantastic package of Sound Choice® karaoke tracks to put on your system, you should license the Sound Choice GEM Series. Financing is available with approved credit.
  • You can also purchase a HELP License even if you supply the music.
We also offer a free operator screening program, Safe Harbor for Venues, that is designed to protect you from operator piracy by allowing us to verify your operators' compliance with the law and our policies.

If you need help deciding which option is right for you, just contact Customer Care.