Licensing & Compliance Programs
In the U.S. alone, we estimate that there are more than 30,000 commercial karaoke operators, plus more than 40,000 bars, restaurants, and other venues that host at least one karaoke night per month. The overwhelming majority of these commercial karaoke operators and venues use Sound Choice® tracks regularly.

It's important to remember, though, that if you're going to use our tracks to make money, you need to comply with our policies for commercial use.

These are the basic questions: Did you buy original media from us (or from someone who bought from us), or did you buy or download bootlegs? Are you using original discs, or did you copy the tracks over to your computer for easier use? If you're using bootlegs, did you buy a license from us? If you hire someone to put on karaoke, did you make sure they're licensed?

We want you to use Sound Choice® music for your commercial shows—as long as you do it the right way. To help you do it the right way, we offer numerous compliance and licensing programs, some free, and some with a cost. Click on the program heading to learn more and order.
Original Media

There aren't many original disc users left, but there's something to be said for "old school." Spinning CDGs takes special talent and a sturdy back for hauling around all those discs. But as far as quality goes, Original Media are the gold standard. If you're an Original Media user, we offer free Sound Choice certification (with proof of original media use). Since we aren't making new discs, it can be hard to find Sound Choice discs to fill in any holes in your collection—but we'll help you track down used discs if you need them. To become a recognized Original Media user, simply contact Customer Care.

The GEM Series

The GEM Series is a 6,000+ track set of the finest tracks we ever produced. We only license the GEM series to professional karaoke operators and venues, and the splash screens carry the designation "Pro Series," which indicates to your patrons that you're spinning the best professional tracks ever made. The GEM series is a licensed product that comes in MP3+G format, ready to use with virtually any karaoke software ever made.


We are pleased to have an association with KaraokeWare and their CompuHost Karaoke player program. The Sound Choice® GEM Series is now available on a subscription basis via the MyKJMedia solution. New Sound Choice® songs will be included as part of the subscription price and will be downloaded to your system as the songs become available. All you need to do is sync your CompuHost software with MyKJMedia once per month to validate your subscription and download the new selections. You can download and store your Sound Choice Pro™ songs locally for offline use, so there's NO need for an Internet connection at your shows! Right now we are only offering the GEM Series via subscription through Compuhost, but we are working to add other software hosting programs soon.

HELP Licensing for Operators

There might be 30,000 operators in the U.S. who use Sound Choice® karaoke tracks, but let's be honest: Most of you didn't buy the original media. We understand that you're just trying to make a living or make some extra money with a side hustle. That's why we developed the Hassle-free Easy Licensing Program for Operators. For one low monthly payment, you get the use of more than 16,500 "red logo" Sound Choice® tracks—no disc audits and no questions about where you got those tracks. Buying a HELP license means that we get paid, and so do the hardworking songwriters who participate in our royalty sharing program.

HELP Licensing for Venues

Whether you run your own karaoke shows or simply want the freedom to hire whomever you like to run karaoke, the Hassle-free Easy Licensing Program for Venues is designed for you. For one easy monthly payment, every Sound Choice® track played in your venue is covered—along with the operator who plays them, whether it's you, your employee, or your outside contractor.

Safe Harbor for Venues

Leave the screening to us! As a venue owner, you have enough to worry about. When you participate in Safe Harbor for Venues, just hire the karaoke operator you want, and we'll take care of the licensing and compliance issues. Just tell us which operator you hired. If they aren't running legal karaoke, we'll work with them to get them in compliance. Best of all, Safe Harbor is 100% free for venues, and registration takes about 5 minutes in most cases.

Report Piracy Anonymously

It's no secret that piracy is the biggest problem in the karaoke industry. Piracy hurts everyone—it robs songwriters and publishers of royalties, it robs karaoke producers of sales, it pushes show rates too low for legal operators to compete against, it oversaturates the market and makes karaoke nights less profitable for venues, and it drives down the quality of shows for the patrons. If you know about piracy, sharing that information with us can be the first step toward making karaoke better for everyone. Piracy is stealing. Please use our anonymous reporting tool to tell us about it, and we'll do our best do something to stop it.

Affiliate Program NEW

We're proud to announce the return of our affiliate program. Did you know that you can make money by referring karaoke operators and venues to us? When one of your referrals purchases a license on our website, we pay you a commission! It really couldn't be simpler. Participation in our affiliate program is subject to application and approval. Restrictions apply—see the affiliate application page for details.