The GEM Series
The Sound Choice® GEM Series is a set of 6,000+ top-quality karaoke tracks in MP3+G format, ready to use in your professional karaoke hosting environment.

Whether you're just starting out, you want to upgrade your song library to the best package available, or you're adding a new karaoke system to your business, the GEM series is your best bet.

The GEM series is the easiest way to get permanent possession of the best collection of Sound Choice tracks available. Restricted to professional karaoke operators and venues, the GEM series is a limited-production, licensed product aimed at the pro user. With the GEM series, you get:

  • Up to 6,000 top-selling songs in various bundled sets
  • Famous Sound Choice quality
  • Karaoke tracks that are already in MP3+G format for easy transfer to a hard drive
  • 320 kbps files encoded at the maximum MP3 bitrate for optimum sound quality
  • The metadata needed to organize your files for various player software options
  • Convenient financing with approved credit and automatic payment plan
List Price

Pay in Full

Pay Over Time

$750 down
plus 27 payments of $190
Pay-in-full or pay-over-time pricing for an initial 1-year license term. Renewals $33/year after initial term. Pay-over-time pricing requires installment agreement, minimum purchase, and approved credit. Not all applicants will qualify. Sales tax collected on orders shipped or billed to NC. Contact Customer Care with any questions.
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Licensed, not sold.
What does that mean, exactly? Simply put, it means that we retain ownership of the tracks, but we license you to possess and use the tracks for a specific period of time. Keeping ownership of the tracks helps us fight piracy by enabling us to know exactly who is supposed to have these tracks and who isn't. But don't worry—as long as you follow the rules, your renewal of the license is guaranteed in perpetuity. And if you want to sell your license, we'll help you find a qualified buyer.

What's Disc Safekeeping?

When we started the GEM series licensing program in 2010, we shipped out sets of 200 discs to each licensee. After a few years, we found that some licensees had lost or destroyed the discs that were entrusted to them. Since those discs are technically our property, loss, damage, or destruction creates a significant problem for us and for our licensees.

To combat this problem, we established a program called "Disc Safekeeping." When you license the GEM series, instead of shipping you the discs, we set aside the discs associated with your license agreement in our warehouse. You receive a special high-capacity USB drive that contains all of the tracks from your GEM series set, which you can either use directly with your computer or copy to your own hard drive. If your USB drive ever fails, just contact us for a prompt replacement.

As an added bonus, this arrangement makes it much easier for you to move the tracks to your karaoke system. Instead of loading and copying more than 200 discs, you can simply plug-and-play.
GEM series licensees are part of our
Licensee Directory
(and if you get licensed, you can be, too)
The GEM series is a safe and sound investment.
Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who have a lot of time, energy, and money invested in trying to convince karaoke operators not to cooperate with us. These people like to get on karaoke-focused message boards and forums and spread disinformation about our brands, our company, and our licenses.

Don't believe the myths.
We've all heard the arguments. Don't be fooled by the hype.

MYTH    "The GEM series could be taken away from you at any moment with no notice."

This one comes courtesy of some naysayers who want people to believe we're constantly in danger of having to recall the GEM series because of disputes with music publishers. It can't happen. All of the copies of the GEM series we own were produced in accordance with a written license from a cooperative agency that represents all of the music publishers who have rights in the songs on the GEM series. The royalties were paid when the discs were sold to us. The First Sale Doctrine, a provision of the Copyright Act, protects our ability to keep and use those discs as we see fit.

MYTH    "All the music on the GEM series is old and out of style."

When we hear this one, we wonder whether the person who says it has ever been to a karaoke show. There might be some karaoke shows where the only songs that get played are the current Top 40. But we haven't been to any of them. Almost every karaoke show in America features songs from the 1950s through the 2000s, and the GEM series has that covered better than anyone. With the GEM series, your patrons will always be able to find something they want to sing.

MYTH    "It's better to own the music so you know it's yours."

This one is a real head-scratcher. If you want to own Sound Choice discs, you're welcome to try to source them on the secondary market. (We stopped selling Sound Choice CD+G discs in 2014, but they are often found on eBay and other sites.) But we've taken a lot of steps to try to make the GEM series license something that is, for the licensee, as much like ownership as possible without sacrificing our ability to keep track of who is supposed to have it and who isn't. As long as you follow the very easy-to-follow rules in the license agreement, you can keep your GEM series forever. Yes, there's a very small ongoing cost—no more than $50 per year after the initial 3-year license. But you'll probably pay a lot more overall buying original "red logo" discs.

As always, if you have concerns, talk to us, not some guy on the internet who has an agenda.

Pay for the GEM Series Over Time

We realize that not everyone is ready to sink several thousand dollars into music for their karaoke business. (We're happy to take a credit card on a pay-in-full license, of course.) That's why we offer credit-qualified applicants the ability to pay over time. We require a small down payment, usually around 15 to 20%, and payment terms that extend up to 27 months. You'll pay a little bit more than when you pay-in-full, but you'll also keep your available credit on your credit cards.

Our credit program is a little bit different from credit cards. Instead of pulling your credit report and score directly, we have a program with our vendor, Experian, where you pull your own credit and score and have the opportunity to review it before sharing it with us. There's a small cost associated with that process, 100% of which goes to Experian. Don't pre-judge your credit. We don't necessarily expect or require a high credit score. For more information, please contact Customer Care.

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