Apply to be our KJ of the Week
Every week, we'd like to feature a "Sound Choice® KJ of the Week" on our Facebook pages.
We want to showcase our great licensees and tell everyone about you and your karaoke hosting business. We're only making this opportunity available to our licensees.

If you'd like to be featured as the "Sound Choice® KJ of the Week" on our Sound Choice and Sound Choice Entertainment Facebook pages, we need for you to send us some information and videos. It's as easy as 1-2-3...
1. We'd like a video recorded at a show you host.
  • The video can be as long or short as you desire. (We'd prefer that you keep it between 2-4 minutes, and we reserve the right to do some editing if needed to keep it within the spirit of the project.) It can include you and/or one or more singers at one of your shows.
  • We need the Sound Choice® logo to be shown for a few seconds, either on the monitor as the performer is singing, or on a banner you might have in the background.
2. We'd like a second short clip of you talking about Sound Choice®.
This video doesn't have to be long, maybe 10-20 seconds. Just give us a few words introducing yourself, and say what you like about Sound Choice® and what you like about being a Sound Choice® licensee.
3. We'd like a short written bio about you.
Any information you'd like to give us that will help showcase you and your business would be useful. This would include things like:
  • Why and how did you get into being a KJ?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many shows do you put on per week, and where?
  • Do you have an interesting hosting story? What's the strangest or most offbeat experience you've had as a KJ?
  • If you'd like, feel free to share your equipment list as well.
Tips for making a great video.
  1. Hold the phone sideways (horizontally or landscape), so when someone is watching on a computer or tablet, your video will take up the entire screen.

  2. If you're taking a video of someone who's talking or singing, try to get close to them for the best sound quality.
  3. For the best picture quality, don't use the zoom function on your phone.
  4. Please don't get hung up on trying to make a "professional" video. We want to showcase your show and YOU as a KJ, and we'd rather get something that's less than perfect than nothing at all. So, please, just shoot away and send us what you have.
How to submit videos.
  1. The best way to send us your videos is by using Facebook Messenger. To submit, just go to our Facebook page and click on the "Send Message" link, below and to the right of our cover photo. You can use the paperclip link to attach the files.


  2. You can also upload the files to your Dropbox, Amazon or similar cloud storage account and then share a link to the files with us.


  3. There is a free service online that will let you send files up to 2 GB, called We Transfer. Using this service you can send the files to us.

If you're unable to use one of these methods, contact us and we'll be glad to help you find an alternate way to send them.

That's it! The videos and bio information will be posted to our Facebook pages on a first-received basis. We'll email you when your submission is posted so you can tell your customers, friends and fellow hosts to check you out!