On this page you'll find our official policy statements on various topics, including media-shifting and certification, using original discs, and our website terms and conditions. The information on this page is general information, not legal advice. If you have questions of a legal nature, you should consult with an attorney of your choosing about your specific situation.

Media-Shifting Policy
You'll always get the best overall quality by using the original Sound Choice® or Chartbuster Karaoke® recordings from their original media. The simple fact is that tracks on CD+G discs have 340% more audio data than even the best quality MP3+G tracks. That means 340% more detail and 340% more fidelity.

But using original discs has its drawbacks. Discs can get scratched or broken, especially when handled in a production environment. It can be cumbersome to run a smooth show while loading discs into a player. If you have a lot of discs, those discs and the cases you carry them in are heavy. And discs have been known to walk off when you aren't looking. In all, it's a lot easier to use a laptop to run a karaoke show.

We'd rather you didn't media-shift your Sound Choice®-branded or Chartbuster Karaoke®-branded tracks. But if you're going to, we've set up some rules that will help protect the quality that's the hallmark of America's Favorite Karaoke Brands.
If you meet and maintain all policy requirements, you can obtain permission from us to use media-shifted and/or format-shifted Sound Choice®-branded or Chartbuster Karaoke®-branded karaoke tracks for commercial purposes.

An original medium is an original CD+G or other original product that was physically released by Sound Choice or Chartbuster, as applicable. We sometimes refer to "red logo" tracks with regard to Sound Choice. A "red logo" CD+G can be identified by the use in the track itself of the Sound Choice logo with white writing and a red musical staff.

A non-original medium is any data storage device not originally manufactured and distributed by Sound Choice or Chartbuster, as applicable. Examples include hard drives (internal or external), USB drives, dedicated karaoke computers (manufacturers include CAVS and RSQ, among others), SD cards, or even compact discs or DVDs. Please note that Chartbuster Karaoke tracks were frequently distributed on media other than CD+G discs, including SD cards, computer hard drives, and CAVS discs.

Media-shifting means putting karaoke tracks on a non-original medium (even if you copy them from a non-original medium).

Format-shifting means changing the format of the track from the original format (such as CD+G) to another format, such as MP3+G. Format-shifting always requires media-shifting, but media-shifting might not require format-shifting.

Policy requirements:
  • You must notify us of your intention to media-shift and/or format-shift the content of any Sound Choice-branded CD+G or Chartbuster Karaoke-branded original medium prior to the initiation of any investigation by us of your potential media-shifting or piracy activities.
  • You must maintain ownership and possession of the original media whose content you have shifted during the entire time the content is stored on the non-original media.
  • While the content has been shifted, you may not use the original media for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.
  • If you want to shift the content of any of the original media to more than one non-original medium, you must acquire one or more sets of additional original media, so that you maintain a 1-to-1 correspondence relationship between each original medium and each non-original medium.
  • You must request and pay any required fees for an audit of your original media, non-original media, and other related documents such as song lists and receipts. The audit allows us to make sure our intellectual property is being protected.

The current fee for audits may be found at this link, under "What It Costs."

If you use media-shifted or format-shifted tracks that carry our trademarks for any commercial purpose without meeting all of the policy requirements, we may sue you for trademark infringement.

You should also remember that our permission may not be enough to legalize your media-shifting activities. Music publishers and others may hold rights that require you to obtain their permission for media-shifting or playing media-shifted tracks commercially. We're not responsible for your compliance with those rights.


Certification is one process by which karaoke operators can obtain our permission to use media-shifted or format-shifted karaoke accompaniment tracks in commercial karaoke shows. Our permission is needed because the process of media-shifting or format-shifting involves making a copy of a Sound Choice or Chartbuster Karaoke track—a new physical product—that contains our trademarks and/or other intellectual property. Using these copies to put on a commercial karaoke show without our permission is an act of piracy that may subject you to civil liability.

The certification process requires you to follow all of the steps of the Media-Shifting Policy. Provided that you follow all of those steps and pass an audit verifying your compliance, we will issue you a Covenant Not to Sue document, which constitutes our permission to use media-shifted tracks in the commercial karaoke shows you put on. You will also be identified as a Sound Choice and/or Chartbuster Karaoke Certified KJ on our website, if you choose.

Please note that while our permission is necessary for legal media-shifting, it may not be sufficient. Other rights holders, such as music publishers, may have the right to prevent you from media-shifting content. We can't speak for those rights holders. If you have concerns, you can contact the rights holders yourself to get permission, or you can consult with an attorney of your choosing about whether permission is needed.

The following rules apply to the certification process:

  • If you have been sued by us, you must not modify your hard drive(s) before we conduct our inspection/audit. If you do so, those modifications will be detected during the discovery process and may result in severe sanctions from the court for destruction of evidence.
  • If you have not been investigated prior to your contacting us to notify us of media-shifting, you may make modifications to your hard drives to bring them into compliance with the 1:1 correspondence requirement. Please ask us whether you have been investigated before making any modifications.
  • There is a fee for certification. The fee we charge depends upon the number of systems we must inspect and whether or not you have been sued.
  • If, during the audit, we determine that you have demonstrated 1:1 correspondence to within 2% of the tracks on your hard drive (i.e., you have discs for at least 98% of the tracks on your hard drive), we will consider that to be a passing score. However, to qualify for certification, you must delete any tracks for which you do not have corresponding original discs.
  • After notifying us that you have media-shifted, you can consider yourself to have our provisional permission to use the media-shifted tracks. This is because we have limited resources and may not be able to schedule your audit immediately. However, once we notify you that we are ready to audit you, the audit must be completed within a reasonable time. Failure to agree to an audit date may result in our withdrawing the provisional permission.
  • At your audit, you must give us access to (a) your hard drive(s), (b) your discs, and (c) any other equipment necessary to complete the inspection.
  • We may provide you with additional rules, parameters of inspection, and conditions specific to your situation at any time.
Once you are certified, you may maintain your certification by notifying us of tracks added to your system(s). You are required to notify us any time you increase the number of tracks by more than 2%.

We recommend that the musical component of all tracks be encoded at 320 kbps (the maximum available under the MP3 standard) and require that they be encoded at a minimum of 192 kbps.

If you have questions about certification or media-shifting, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Using Original Discs
If you use original Sound Choice® discs or original Chartbuster Karaoke® media to put on your karaoke shows, congratulations. You're using your media the way we originally intended, and, in the process, you're getting the highest possible performance from the material.

Because there has been some confusion about what it takes to run a legal karaoke show using Sound Choice® or Chartbuster Karaoke® karaoke tracks, we wanted to make certain that original-disc operators know that they're doing it right.

As long as you use original discs, you don't need any permission from us to run your shows, and you don't need to pay us for anything more—not for media-shifting and not for certification.

The reason for this is simple: You paid for your discs (or someone did, anyway), and you are only using them the way we intended when we sold them originally.

Original-disc operators might feel like they're at a disadvantage because of the availability of certification and HELP licensing for media-shifting operators. For that reason, we'll gladly include you in our certification program at no charge. Just contact us and request the form.

Also, if you're an original-disc operator and you find yourself named as a defendant in a lawsuit, we want to know about it immediately. We try hard to avoid naming original-disc operators in lawsuits, but there are certain situations where our investigators might miss that you're using original discs instead of copies or a laptop, for example. We will dismiss any verified original-disc operator from a lawsuit as quickly as we possibly can, to minimize the impact of the lawsuit on your operations. To all of our original-disc operators, we gladly say "thanks"—keep on spinning!


Disc Replacement Policy
Our predecessor, Slep-Tone Entertainment Corporation, had a policy under which any original CD+G disc owner whose disc became broken or scratched could obtain a replacement at no charge for the disc (a nominal $5.95 fee for shipping and handling of the replacement was charged), as long as that disc remained in stock.

Unfortunately, all CD+G discs have now been discontinued, and we simply do not have the ability to replace broken or scratched discs. We can, however, help you locate a replacement on the secondary market, and we can point you to resurfacing equipment that may help you buff out scratches. Just contact Customer Care for more information.

We'd also like to point out that for a small one-time fee, you can get permission to use media-shifted copies of tracks made from your original discs, so that you can put those originals in storage. Just check out our Certification Page for more details.


Website Terms & Conditions
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