Chartbuster Karaoke® Registration

You may have heard that we recently acquired the Chartbuster Karaoke® brand.

If you're currently making use of Chartbuster Karaoke® tracks, you might be wondering whether this change will mean anything for you.

The short answer is yes.

If you are using media-shifted Chartbuster Karaoke tracks, you need to register your original Chartbuster Karaoke® media with us. Doing so tells us that you have the legal right to use the Chartbuster tracks you're using.

We've put together a registration system that will make it easy for you to tell us about the original Chartbuster Karaoke media you own. It's important for you to tell us about that, so that we can get a handle on who has the legal right to use Chartbuster Karaoke music and who doesn't.

All original Chartbuster Karaoke media are treated the same, with one exception.

Original Chartbuster Karaoke media come in many different forms: CD+G discs, SuperCDGs, SD cards, and hard drives—and there may be some other formats out there. What matters for us is that you have original media, even if you've copied the content over to different media, a process known as media-shifting.

The one exception is that if you have 9 or fewer CD+G discs and no other types of Chartbuster Karaoke® original media, you are eligible for a free registration.

1:1 correspondence is the most important part.

If you don't have original Chartbuster Karaoke media on a 1:1 correspondence basis—meaning that you're operating using downloaded or copied tracks for which you don't have an original, then it's time to make some changes to your operations. You will need to get your Chartbuster Karaoke materials into 1:1 correspondence, either by deleting tracks you don't have a disc or other original medium for (even if it was lost or stolen), or by locating original media on the secondary market.

We will not be offering a "HELP"-style license for Chartbuster Karaoke tracks, so there is no option simply to pay a fee to keep using what you have.

There are other options.

If you don't have original media and don't want to buy them, then your best bet is to drop Chartbuster Karaoke entirely. We would be happy to fill the gap with the Sound Choice® GEM series, or a Sound Choice® HELP℠ license. If those don't work for you, contact Customer Care for some additional options.

Registration is now available.