Renew Your GEM Series License
If your GEM series license was issued during calendar year 2011, it's now time to renew your license.

You may recall that when you purchased your license, the original term was for five years. After the term is up, if you want to keep your GEM series discs and keep using the great GEM series music, you'll need to renew the license.

The first renewal term is for three years. The contract rate for the renewal is $100 per license for the three years.

We're in the process of contacting all GEM series licensees who were up for renewal by December 31, 2016, by telephone. Because of the volume of renewals, we've set up a dedicated team for processing renewals. If you haven't gotten a call yet, or if you know you're due for renewal and want to get started, just call 844-854-6905 to speak to one of our customer care specialists.

If you don't want to renew, that's OK—but you'll need to return the original discs we sent you five years ago, and you'll need to delete the material from your hard drive and stop using it. If you prefer not to renew, please call 844-854-6905 for assistance in returning your discs.