The HELP℠ Program
SOUND CHOICE® HELP℠ is our Hassle-free Easy Licensing Program.

HELP is designed to make it easier for professional karaoke operators (hosts or KJs) and venues that feature karaoke to comply with our rules for the use of the SOUND CHOICE registered trademarks and the goods and services they're attached to.

What HELP is all about
SOUND CHOICE® karaoke tracks were originally sold only on compact discs that included warning against copying the contents. But CDs just aren't very convenient for a lot of professional karaoke operators, so most opt for copying the content over to a hard drive. That creates two problems. First, it's not legal to do that (and to use those tracks commercially) without our permission. Second, it makes piracy a lot easier to accomplish and harder for us to detect.

If you have 1:1 correspondence between your Sound Choice discs and your hard drive, you should check out our Sound Choice Certified KJ program. Through that program, you can get our permission for the commercial use of media-shifted karaoke tracks. Certification requires an extensive audit process, where we meticulously check your discs against your hard drive, making sure you had a disc for every track on every hard drive. Keeping the permissions up to date requires an update every time you add a few discs. That's a lot of hassle—and not everyone has 1:1 correspondence.

For everybody else, there's HELP. Instead of auditing and verifying 1:1 correspondence, through HELP, we set quality standards for your Sound Choice karaoke tracks and trust you to meet them.
How it works
HELP is designed to cover the use of trademarks in connection with a commercial karaoke business, for tracks you already possess. (In other words, we do not supply you with the tracks themselves.) Simply apply for HELP, provide us with some information about your operations, promise to meet a few quality standards and respect certain rules, and pay a monthly fee based on the number of karaoke hard drives you use that have Sound Choice-branded tracks on them.

No disc audits. No certifications. No hassles.
What you get
With your approved application, you get a license that allows you to use the Sound Choice marks on tracks stored on non-original media, no matter how many of the more than 16,500 unique "red logo"* Sound Choice tracks you have, no matter where you got them.

As a HELP program participant, you use the tracks you want to use, where you want to use them, in the format and on the media you choose.

Plus, HELP licensees get early or exclusive access to license the new Sound Choice tracks that are coming soon. (Additional charges apply.) HELP Licensees also get a detailed listing in our searchable Licensee Directory, so that potential customers can find you and verify your license status.

* HELP does not apply to GEM Series ("blue logo") tracks or tracks from newer series, which must be purchased or licensed separately.
How to sign up
To sign up:

  • Log in to your account (or register for a new one)
  • Get an instant quote for your market
  • Accept the terms and pay at least your first month's fee

Once you're approved, you'll be good to go.
It's important to remember that while you need our permission to use media-shifted copies of Sound Choice® karaoke tracks, our permission might not be enough. Music publishers and others may hold rights that require you to obtain their permission for media-shifting or playing media-shifted tracks commercially. We're not responsible for your compliance or non-compliance with those requirements.