It's been a long, long time...
The last new Sound Choice® karaoke tracks came out in early 2010. That's a long time for our fans to wait for new material.

But a lot of factors have prevented us from making new music. For one thing, piracy made it pretty much impossible to turn a profit on new music. For another, getting the large music publisher groups to issue karaoke licenses has been difficult for American karaoke producers.

We know that the long-term survival of karaoke entertainment will depend on high-quality recordings of new material—and that's kind of our thing.

So we're getting the band back together.
We've figured out how we can record new music, sell it legally and conveniently, and make a profit.

Our new production program, Sound Choice® ADVANCE, is here. Learn more

We also need to know what you'd like us to record. We want our new material to have staying power for our customers, the kind of song that gets played at shows for a long time—not fad or novelty songs that fade faster than we can put them out.

But most of all, we want to hear from you. What songs would like Sound Choice to put out in a karaoke version?

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Please list the songs you'd like to see us record when we return to new production. Please give us the title and artist, if known. We'll do our best to secure the necessary rights and permissions to make your request a reality.
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