The Sound Choice®
GEM Series

6,000+ MP3+G tracks
It's the fastest way to build a karaoke system from scratch

HELP Licensing

16,500+ tracks from $129/mo.
It's hassle-free and easy

Still the best

Did you know that more than 70% of all karaoke music played in commercial settings in the U.S. carries our brand?

That would be surprising, except that karaoke jockeys, venues, and fans know quality when they see and hear it. And their overwhelming favorite choice is Sound Choice® tracks.

Our brand has more than 30 years of the relentless pursuit of quality sound and graphics behind it. Our original recordings sound the most like the original artists' recordings. Our lyrics and timing are the most accurate.
That's a difference you can see and hear.

Whether you're a hard-core karaoke performer or a first-timer, if you want the best,
be sure to ask for Sound Choice®.

Which program is right for you?

The GEM Series

6000+ tracks

MP3+G format

Operators or venues

Financing available


HELP License

16500+ tracks

Hassle-free & easy

Operators or venues

Low monthly fee


Safe Harbor

Venues only

Easy registration

Simplify compliance