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You're more than just a weekend KJ.

Your mobile KJ business isn't just a hobby.

You're passionate about what you do, but what you do is a business, not a passion project.

You're a professional.

And it's time you were treated as one.
We've spent more than 30 years pushing the karaoke industry forward. We produced the music that drives more than 50% of all of the karaoke songs played in the United States. Our reputation for the highest quality is hard-earned. We didn't get to where we are with half-measures—and neither did you.

We can be more by doing more.

And we're going to do it by helping you do more.

We're putting the power of PRIME toward negotiating big discounts on karaoke-related equipment at major retailers. You can save up to 50%—and sometimes more—off list prices, often with same-day local fulfillment.

Whether you need a new cable or microphone, or a complete new system, we can help you get the best possible price on the quality equipment you need—the same equipment you'd buy in your local sound equipment store, but it costs you less because you're part of a group.

With one significant purchase, you can easily save more than the annual cost of your PRIME membership.


Phoenix PRIME PLATINUM members who qualify can participate in our national booking program. Our sales team books shows and "preferred provider" status with both local accounts and national accounts like chain restaurants, corporate and conference events, and large private gigs. We use qualified PRIME PLATINUM members to fulfill those gigs.

That can put money in your pocket and give your business the kind of reach you need to take it to the next level.

It's like having your own national sales staff.
Sound Choice® Direct Services is a service of Phoenix Entertainment Partners, LLC and/or one or more of its subsidiaries. Phoenix PRIME PLATINUM members who undergo a screening process to evaluate their equipment, skills, and professionalism, and who become approved providers, are eligible to participate in our national booking program. Our standards are high, and approval is not guaranteed, but applicants who are not approved will be offered the opportunity to downgrade their membership to the Phoenix PRIME level and receive the lower pricing. We reserve the right to permit providers who are not Phoenix PRIME PLATINUM members to participate in our national booking program.



Phoenix PRIME members save an extra 5% on select purchases, including GEM series licenses, HELP licenses, and ADVANCE credits.

Phoenix PRIME PLATINUM members save up to an extra 10% on select purchases.

With your PRIME or PRIME PLATINUM membership, you'll get priority listing in our new Show Directory, early and discounted access to new production, exclusive access to training and professionalism courses, and many more benefits. We're constantly looking for new benefits and features to add to the PRIME program. So if you're serious about taking your karaoke business to the next level, you've come to the right place.

For a limited time, we're offering 30% off your first-year membership in PRIME or PRIME PLATINUM.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER. When you apply for PRIME or PRIME PLATINUM by April 15, 2016, as a special thank you for being an early adopter of our program, we'll give you an extra 3 months free. That means your first year of PRIME or PRIME PLATINUM will last 15 months instead of 12. No coupon code is necessary—we'll apply the extra months automatically.

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Phoenix PRIME℠ and Phoenix PRIME PLATINUM℠ are incentive membership programs for verified customers of Phoenix Entertainment Partners, LLC. Eligibility for PRIME or PRIME PLATINUM membership requires good standing with Phoenix with regard to the operator's use of SOUND CHOICE® and CHARTBUSTER KARAOKE® branded karaoke tracks. Eligibility to participate in service calls for the National Booking Program or Sound Choice® Direct Services is not guaranteed and requires approval of an application and verification of operator skills and reliability. Equipment discounts are subject to retailer participation and are not guaranteed on any particular item. Every effort will be made to publish sample prices for discounted items on a regular basis, but the honoring of discounts under this program is in the sole discretion of the retailer. We may also elect to offer discounts through coordinated group purchases, as well as rebates on purchases made through us or through our affiliated companies. Music discounts are subject to publisher minimum pricing. PRIME and PRIME PLATINUM music discounts may or may be able to be "stacked" with other promotional discounts; in some cases we may elect not to permit stacking of discounts. In that event, the discount most advantageous to the PRIME or PRIME PLATINUM member will be given. Please contact Customer Care for specific answers to your questions.