If you own original media for all of your Sound Choice® and/or Chartbuster Karaoke® tracks on a 1:1 correspondence basis AND have at least 200 discs of the brand you would like to be audited for, then Certification is the compliance program for you.

Certification is the way we test your systems to make sure you are in compliance with our Media Shifting Policy. The process is relatively simple and has four parts:

  • You complete a brief questionnaire about your systems and provide us with information about your original media.
  • You mark your original media with a unique number using a kit we send you.
  • We examine your computer hard drive and verify your ownership and possession of original media that correspond to the tracks on your system.
  • Once you pass, we issue you a certification document and list you in our Licensee Directory.

Most audits are conducted remotely using Skype and special software that we use to examine your computer, but we sometimes do in-person audits.

Current Pricing

Pricing is per system for up to 3 total hours of auditing time for voluntary audits not conducted in connection with a lawsuit. Audits requiring more than 3 hours will cost $35/hour extra. If you choose a single-brand audit, the other brand must not be present on your system(s) at all.

Sound Choice Only

Chartbuster Only

Both SC & CB
(Audited at the same time)

See a special note below about costs.
Have You Been Sued?
This page describes our voluntary pre-suit audit program. If you are a defendant in a lawsuit we filed, we are interested in conducting an audit of your system(s), but the rules are somewhat different. If you believe you meet the 1:1 correspondence requirement, please contact us (or have your lawyer contact our lawyer) to discuss the possibility of an audit.

You should not make any changes to your karaoke system(s) before we conduct an audit.

Why Audits?

If you own original media for all of your tracks, you might be wondering why you need to be audited. In the mid-2000s, it became technically possible to copy karaoke tracks from CD+G discs to a hard drive.

That was a great change from a technological standpoint, but it also made it much easier for karaoke operators to get copies of Sound Choice® tracks without buying original discs (also known as stealing).

We quickly reached a point where we would sell maybe 1,000 copies of a new disc, but copies of those songs would be shared via the internet and otherwise and show up on 20,000 or more karaoke systems.

We want the people who bought our discs to have the convenience of using a hard drive, but not if it means that 95% of the demand for our songs is satisfied by stealing the product. Certification is a compromise: If you show us you own original media for what you have, 1 to 1, then we'll give you the OK on using a hard drive instead. That seems fair to us, and virtually all of our Certified KJs agree.

Disc Marking
You might be wondering about how we mark CD+G discs. Regular ink would simply wipe off, and stickers peel. So we came up with a better solution.

When you apply for certification, we send you a stamp and special ink that's specifically formulated to mark the polycarbonate plastic that your CD+G discs are made of. Our special ink is designed to embed into the plastic center ring (the non-data area of the disc). It's barely visible under normal light, but under a blacklight, the ink glows.

Our ink will not interfere with your ability to play the disc at all—just keep it off the data area of the disc.

It also won't harm the resale value. If you decide to sell your disc, and it shows up in a later audit, we may contact you to verify that you transferred ownership of the disc to another person.
Certification is safe and easy.
Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who have a lot of time, energy, and money invested in trying to convince karaoke operators not to cooperate with us. These people like to get on karaoke-focused message boards and forums and spread disinformation about our brands, our company, and our certification process.

The real truth is simple: If you own original media, 1 to 1 with your hard drive tracks, certification is the least expensive, easiest way to support legal karaoke and show your customers that you do business the right way.

Don't believe the myths.
We've all heard the arguments. Don't be fooled by the hype.

MYTH    "You should just wait to be sued, then show up in court with your discs."

Court doesn't really work like that, but you could wait to be sued. If we sue you, we'll offer you an audit. But there's a big difference between a voluntary (pre-suit) audit and the audits we do after we sue: If you're doing a pre-suit audit and we find that you don't have 1:1 correspondence, all you have to do is delete the tracks you don't have discs for, and we'll issue your certification—no harm, no foul. But if we audit you after suing you, and you're not 1:1, we'll use that against you in the lawsuit. Is that really a risk you want to take?

MYTH    "They'll look at all the private stuff on your hard drive."

Nope. We're interested in your Sound Choice and Chartbuster tracks, and that's it. We don't care about your browser history, your financial records, your family photos, or anything else. We don't look at anything but karaoke tracks. We're not even interested in karaoke tracks from other producers! And we don't share any of the information you give us with anyone else—except, of course, what you want us to put in our online Licensee Directory.

MYTH    "They make you sign your life away with that contract."

Hey, if you're concerned about our Audit Acknowledgement, we encourage you to have an attorney look at it. If you have questions about something, we'll try to answer them. But the agreement is two pages long, it's written in plain English, and most people can understand it without help.

The bottom line here is that we want to cooperate with the operators who have bought original media for all their music. If you have concerns, talk to us, not some guy on the internet who has an agenda.

Certification is a great way to get into our
Licensee Directory
(check it out to see what you're missing out on)
A Word About Costs

You might be wondering why we charge for audits. First, you should know that we charge as little as possible for audits. The audit fee is set so that we break even at best. (We actually lose money on most audits.) Second, if you own original discs, you always have the option to use your original discs, and that will not cost you a penny. Using a laptop is a convenience and a time-saver for you, so you should pay the relatively small amount of money that it costs for compliance.

However, we're not interested in causing anyone financial hardship. If you want to get certified but you can't afford the audit fee, we are willing to work with you. In the past, depending on the situation, we've reduced or eliminated the audit fee, taken payments over time, or offered other accommodations. Just contact Customer Care to discuss your situation with us. We're here to help.

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You can download the form, fill it out, sign it, and return it without printing or scanning! [Free Adobe Reader required]